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Tyson was a diabetic cholcoate laborador, whose owner was faced with frequent vet visits and expensive medical bills. By switching to a raw diet as recommended by Ben's nutritional experts, his insulin and blood sugar levels are back under control, without medication.

Odin & Kura

Odin and Kura were overweight for quite some time, and didn't have the energy to be as active as cattle dogs should be. By switching from kibble to a raw diet, they've lost weight, have more energy, their coats are nicer, and they are happier than ever. 

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Ashley G. Pet

Ashley G.


We just moved here from Maryland and we were looking for a store that not only carried the dog food Roxy liked, but also had lots of natural options for treats.

Ben's Barketplace was great and we’ve already been back twice to get more treats for Roxy! We are always trying to find a calming treat that actually works too and the Holistic Hound Savory Chicken CBD treats work great! 

Vicki B.


Wow, this place rocks! Quality products and the owners were so kind, caring and helpful. They took time in helping me pick out new food for our French Bulldog puppy who is a bit of a picky eater. Plus, they made other important recommendations that I needed but wouldn’t have thought of! They are so informed and educated beyond any other “pet store” I have been to. We will definitely be back and we will be recommending Ben’s Barketplace to all our friends! If you haven’t been, you need to go and this place is pet friendly... bring your fur baby. I know I will bring mine next trip!

frenchie eating bones and co