Are you an animal lover who’s always wanted to own your own business? If so, the Ben’s Barketplace Franchise family wants you. As a leader in the pet store franchise industry, Ben’s Barketplace goes above and beyond to ensure that all franchise owners have access to the support and resources they need to be successful. Furthermore, with a mission to properly educate pet owners on how to best care for their furry, four-legged friends, Ben’s Barketplace implements top-notch customer service initiatives and quality pet care products to build a friendly and reliable brand.

As a member of the Ben’s franchise family, you can build your business off of a leading business model that successfully navigates the rapidly growing pet industry. Whether you’ve had business experience in the past or are taking a leap of faith into the future, with Ben’s brand backing your business, you’re sure to be nothing short of a success.

Check out these six simple steps to learn how you can become a Ben’s Barketplace franchisee, today.

1. Contact Us

First and foremost, let us know you’re interested. As one of the fastest growing pet store franchises, Ben’s is constantly seeking highly motivated individuals interested in taking advantage of new, single-unit franchise opportunities. Learn more about our leading franchise opportunities by downloading the franchise brochure and get in touch with us to start the process. Contacting us is easy:

2. Introductory Call

At Ben’s Barketplace, we value the franchise business model and believe that supporting one another enables us all to become more successful. Therefore, before you jump into franchise ownership, Ben’s founders Brad and Sally Romero, like to connect with you during a one-on-one phone call to discuss the franchise opportunity, answer any questions you might have, and discuss your goals as a franchise owner. If becoming a member of the Ben’s franchise family seems like the right fit for you, we’ll begin discussing the next steps in the process.

3. Store Ownership Application

After speaking with Sally or Brad, you’ll then need to complete a confidential store ownership application. As a leading franchise company, we’re proud to provide franchisees with ample access to financial assistance and other qualifying support. By filling out our store ownership application, we’ll be able to learn more about how we can best support you as you begin your franchise journey. From retail and marketing training to financing needs and more, this application enables us to develop a tailored guide for success.

4. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Once your Store Ownership Application is approved, the next step in becoming a pet store franchise owner is to review Ben’s Barketplace Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This legal document includes critical information including:

  • An overview of the history, ownership, and corporate family of Ben’s Barketplace
  • Our leadership and management structure
  • Any litigation issues involving Ben’s Barketplace
  • Initial fees, additional feeds, and investment costs
  • Guidelines on sources of pet products
  • Your obligations as a franchisee
  • Financing options
  • Support, assistance, resources, and training provided by Ben’s Barketplace
  • Projected territory of your business
  • Trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other proprietary information
  • Much more

The FDD is designed to enhance transparency and understanding within the franchise model. Take time to review this document in its entirety before signing and returning.

5. Visit Us

Once you’ve reviewed and signed the FDD, the fun of franchise ownership begins as you get to visit a Ben’s Barketplace store first-hand. During your visit, you’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at what it’s like to run your own business. This is a great time to ask questions, check out products, and get a better idea of how the Ben’s Barketplace franchise family operates.

6. Join the Family

With questions answered, relationships established, and dotted lines signed, it’s time to welcome you to the Ben’s Barketplace franchise family. As a valued member of the team, we go above and beyond to boost your business success. Along with sustained, around-the-clock support, Ben’s Barketplace provides a one week training program at our national headquarters in Roseville, California, as well as an additional week of in-store training. When it comes to being a pet store franchise owner, no one wants to see you succeed more than Ben’s.

Download our Franchise Kit for more information.


Request Information

Start a conversation with us if you seek a gratifying opportunity and have the drive and commitment to open your own Ben’s Barketplace. Our expert franchise coaches will review the information you provide, reach out to you, and set up an exploratory call to continue the conversation.

This website and its content is not an offer to sell franchises. It is presented for information purposes only. Offerings for Franchise sales are only made by a Franchise Disclosure Document, as required by the United States Federal Trade Commission. Several states require that we register our FDD or qualify for an exemption, and we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until registration or we are exempt. Registration or exemption does not constitute approval, recommendation or endorsement of the information in the FDD or our website by any state or the FTC.

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