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The Single Largest Contribution You Can Make to Your Pet's Health and Longevity is the Quality of Food You Provide for Them

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We only stock the highest threshold dog and cat foods at Ben’s Barketplace®. But with so many choices, how do you find the diet that’s right for your pet?

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Not Your Average Pet Food Store

When you visit Ben’s Barketplace®, you’ll receive an individualized consultation with one of our pet nutrition experts. You’ll soon see why we are more than just your average pet food supply store. Before recommending any food, snack or dietary supplement, we consider your pet’s breed, age, weight, activity level and any special health needs or concerns. And, we’re always available to make sure your four-footed friend is thriving on the recommended diet. Don’t be misled by fancy TV advertising or inferior product recommendations by “Dr. Whitecoat”.

The result are vital and thriving animals!

We do encourage you to sniff around our site while you’re here. You’ll learn about the exceptional pet foods that we carry. And you can learn about our namesake Ben, the K-9 hero who inspired us to educate all dog and cat owners on the significance of meeting their pet’s nutritional needs.

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"I love Ben's Barketplace. The owners are fantastic, they helped me find the perfect raw food for my pup Midnight who has had dry skin issues since we got him (but not anymore)! For the quality of food the prices are spot on & competitive to online prices."

— Tara L.

"I am so happy, loyal customer since I found this place, the owner gave me some recommendations about training my boxer and when he was diagnosed with lymphoma, they were very understanding and recommended me raw food and how to help him to have better food and quality of life."

— Monica M.

"Great place to find food and toys for your pet. Can't believe I didn't know about this place earlier. Glad I found it! The owners are very nice and laid back and my dog loves the deer antlers to chew on."

— Julia H.