New Study finds raw pet food is NOT the risk FDA makes it to be

A new worldwide study of raw pet food opposes what the FDA tries to tell pet owners.

The FDA has – for years – told pet owners that raw pet food is dangerous.

Veterinary organizations have spoken out against raw pet food, some practicing veterinarians have refused to treat pets fed a raw diet.

So…a group of scientists in Finland decided to get to the bottom of all the raw pet food risk suspicions. Is raw pet food a human health risk? Do raw fed dogs and cats spread dangerous bacteria to their humans?

The scientists surveyed more than 16,000 pet owners worldwide, specifically pet owners that provided their pet with at least some raw pet food. Of 16,412 pet owners in 81 countries (most of the data from 11 countries) surveyed…

…there were only 39 reports of human illness linked to a raw pet food. That’s 0.2%.

Of the 39 pet owners that confirmed a human illness linked to raw pet food, only 3 of the 39 reported that laboratory analysis confirmed the same bacteria that caused human illness was in the pet food.

This quote of the study says it all:

The results indicate that foodborne pathogens are seldom transmitted to humans through raw pet food.

To read the full study Click Here.

The raw pet food risk study was sent to FDA, asking for a comment. Should the FDA respond, it will be shared.

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food


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