Brad and Sally Romero are the founders of Ben’s Barketplace®. Their conscientious mission is to educate pet owners on how to maintain the health and well being of their pets.

With over 40 years of combined experience in law enforcement and almost 20 years in law enforcement K9, they both decided to follow their passion and open a health food store for our four-legged friends. “We’ve seen the incredible difference a healthy, species correct diet has made for thousands of our clients and our beloved K-9 companions, Ben, Nikita, Rex, Frankie, Danté and Chance. It’s our passion to share our expertise with you. We believe in feeding them the very best food available, and that starts with an appropriate diet for peak nutrition.”

Don’t be fooled by major pet food corporations that add inferior fillers, by-products and unhealthy preservatives to their products. Even the “Trademarked” prescription pet foods can be detrimental to your dog’s or cat’s health. No matter your pet’s age or condition, the best prescription is a complete, high quality, nutritious diet that you’ll find from our “Health Food Store for Dogs and Cats,” Ben’s Barketplace®.

Our business is our passion and not our bottom line. We value our customers and honor the trust they have placed in us to help provide a healthy diet for their family member. We’d never stock a product that we don’t fully believe in, so all of our products are superior, safe and Ben’s Barketplace certified. Doesn’t your pet deserve the best?