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Pets on Raw Diets Experience an Improved Quality of Life

Today’s savvy pet owners follow wholesome, species correct diets, and yearn to provide the very best for their pets. Integrative veterinarians recommend a balanced, commercially prepared raw pet food diet.

Raw food diets closely mimic the ancestral diet of dogs and cats, providing the proper protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels pets need to thrive. Even though the idea of raw food might seem strange at first, once you see your pet looking and feeling their best, you’ll be convinced of the raw diet benefits for both dogs and cats. Feed your own pets a balanced raw food diet and, like thousands of our returning customers, you’ll be convinced by the results.

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Benefits of the Raw Food Diet

Optimized Digestion

Better digestion means better nutrient absorption. Raw food retains the living enzymes, phyto-chemicals, antioxidants, and amino acids that ensure your pet’s long and healthy lifespan. Chronic digestive problems and sensitive stomachs may disappear after you begin feeding your dog or cat a raw food diet.

Degenerative Disease Improvement

Pet owners who switch their older pets to a raw diet usually find that degenerative diseases improve. Once arthritic dogs and cats start getting the nutrients they need, omega 3 fatty acids in particular, you’ll see more spring in their step and a much higher activity level.

Better Urinary Tract Health for Cats

Raw diets have a high moisture content of 65 to 70 percent that mimics natural prey. Many carbohydrate heavy, low moisture cat foods cause alkaline urine and chronic dehydration in cats. Switching to a high moisture raw diet can prevent and improve urinary tract problems.

Healthy Teeth & Breath

The periodontal disease that is so prevalent with pets on grain-based diets disappears when you feed them a raw diet. A diet of raw food includes whole or ground bones to provide calcium for strong and healthy teeth. Bones also reduce tartar buildup and freshen your pet’s breath. Mother Nature’s toothbrush!

Healthy Skin & Coat

When persistent skin problems suddenly improve and disappear, it reflects that the RAW diet is supplying the nutrients and essential fatty acids other diets were missing. Imagine fewer vet visits and expensive medicated washes, antibiotics, cortisone shots and tablets. Your dog’s lustrous healthy coat will bear testament to how well the diet is working. And if you have a cat, a healthy coat means less shedding—which means fewer fur balls.

Less Poop & Less Odor

Your carnivorous dog or cat does not require carbohydrates like grain, corn, wheat, rice and soy. Cats have no need for them and dogs have difficulty digesting them. A raw diet is more readily absorbed than grain-based diets, resulting in lower stool volume and odor for both species. Odorous stools are a result of improper or incomplete digestion.

Healthy, Lean Body Mass

Overweight dogs and cats on a raw diet will lose unwanted fat and gain muscle mass. Your pet will look better and feel better. Stamina will increase and contribute to a healthy life span. If your pet is still chubby, regular exercise will help your pet attain a sleeker look even faster.

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